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Line Making Party April 20th!

Linemaking Party to Raise Funds for the Skijor Club Friday April 20th! 

We need help with the club's main source of fundraising.  We have a large order of skijor lines that we need to fill.  You don't need experience at making skijor lines, we can show you what to do while you socialize with other skijor minded friends.

Food will be available and you can bring a dish to share if you would like.  Bring your own drink if you want something specific.  Please come even if you aren't bringing any food.  There should be plenty.

The event is hosted by club member Becky Voris:
Date:  Friday April 20th.

Time:  5pm to 9ish! We will keep working until we are finished.  Arrive at any time and stay as long as you want.

Location:  6670 Round Tree Drive, Anchorage, AK. 

Home phone:  243-5234 if anyone needs extra help to get there.



As always, touch base with our website and Facebook to make sure the events are still taking place on the dates we had planned (Sometimes weather and venue availability can disrupt plans).  You can also call our event line at 349-WOOF.