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Eagle River Classic - Chugiak Dog Mushers Association

This year's Eagle River Classic is Saturday and Sunday, Feb 4 & 5!  Registration is online until 5 pm on Friday or in person on Saturday morning.  Registration closes at 9:45 am.  2-dog skijor race starts at 10:30 followed by 1-dog skijor. 

Race attendance rule:  If racers cannot make both days, racers who are registered can race on Saturday and scratch on Sunday.  Racers may not race Sunday only if they scratched on Saturday. 

$5,000.00 Purse. Classes will include: 1-dog skijor (2-miles), 2-dog skijor (2-miles), 4-dog sled (6-miles), 6-dog sled (8-miles), 8-dog sled (10-miles), OPEN sled (16-miles - WILL include both Clunie Lake and Beach Lakee, Sled classes are ISDRA-sanctioned races.

Sign-up and all necessary information can be found at: