Beginners' Skijor Clinics

Anchorage Skijor Club's skijor clinics are held twice each winter and are usually well attended.  Each clinic begins at 10am with an hour-long classroom discussion at Alaska Mill Feed and Garden Center, followed by an outdoor session.  Topics covered include choice of dog, training the dog, commands, dog harness fitting, canine nutrition, skijor equipment, trail etiquette, passing and skijoring technique.

Clinic participants should be able to skate ski in order to enjoy the outdoor portion of the clinicWith prior arrangement, ASC can loan attendees skijoring belts, bungees, harnesses or even dogs.

Registration is at the clinic, starting at 9:30.  No need to preregister.  Fee for the clinic is $25.  (Attendees are offered a $10 discount on club dues if they join the club at the clinic.)   Minors' legal guardians must sign consent at the clinic.